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Life With A Nespresso Machine – The Problems And The Solutions

Furnishing your home or office with an always ready and buzzing espresso machine is truly an investment that proves worthwhile a minute after the purchase. All those smiles around you and easy mornings are worth just about any sum, let alone the bargain price for which you can get an espresso machine.

Like a wise man once said – with great coffee comes great responsibility. Your espresso machine is not just your mechanical coffee creator; it becomes your close friends and companion after a short while.

For all the reinvigorating and creamy coffees that came out of it, you need to repay your friend by taking good care of him and being ready to neutralise and fix any possible problem, if it arises.

While the espresso machine is the 8th wonder of the world, its mechanics are pretty simple and you should have no trouble with taking care of it.

Nespresso Machines – Getting to the bottom of the problem

Before getting ready to master the world of electronic and recreate the Big Bang yourself, be patient and first check your espresso machine for all the possible signs of breaking down.

If it’s not working at all, you may want to check a power supply or the connections within the cable. These are much more common than you think and are easy to fix. With every espresso machine should be a guide with all the locations of power fuses and wiring, so fixing it can take only a few minutes.

Remember, if all the things you try out don’t work out, then don’t hesitate to call a specialist, it’s no shame to not being an expert and letting something go.

Every espresso machine comes along with a manual in multiple languages so you will be taken to the bottom of every possible problem and its solutions. It may be a little bit more prone to experiencing malfunctions because there are water and electricity combined, forming a potentially volatile and dangerous mix.

The usual problems of coffee pod owners – How to solve them

Water leakage

It is quite possibly the most common mishap when it comes to the espresso machine and the gaskets within the construction are usually the problem. They are widely available and cheap, so replacing them is a piece of cake.

Bitter tasting water

It can be a result of two possible things. The first and most common is a dirty interior from too much use. No, you won’t need rocket science to fix this problem. All it takes is a couple of ounces of vinegar mixed with water and all the sediment and debris within the water tank should be all gone.
Make sure to wash away with water afterwards, you wouldn’t want that cute girl to throw up because she accidentally had vinegar with her espresso. The second possible issue is that you’re possibly using overly fine grains of coffee and that you should switch over to some closer than the natural state of coffee.

A broken water tank indicator

It is most often a result of a broken or faulty magnet which serves as the measuring device for your coffee pod.
The magnet naturally floats in the tank, but sometimes it can get stuck or even get infested with leftover coffee grains or sediments from tap water. Even though the news is always cheap, you should clean it often, just so it can last as long as it can.

Slow brewing

It may simply be the cause of a faulty fuse which would then need to be effectively replaced. It’s important to be aware of the fact that the machine should be unplugged during this process, as you can get seriously electrocuted if you mess with the wiring of a plugged-in machine.
Use an ohmmeter to check if there are some currents still running around the electrical circuits. If the coast is clear, insert only a fuse that is designed for espresso machines specifically. Other ones may cause malfunctions, both basic and serious.

Damaged wires

This may somewhat be the most serious problem you may face when owning an espresso machine and it should be handled with the most care. Firstly, you should measure the size of the rip and if there are copper wires exposed to the air.
If not, everything will be okay after applying some isolation tape. If the rip is bigger and the copper wiring is pointing out, then you should contact the manufacturer and arrange a specialist to come and replace either the cable or the machine.
This will depend on the size of the rip and the duration of your warranty. Most companies offer 3-year ones, so you’ll be fine.

Coffee Pods – Maintenance and further care for great cups of espresso

Most of these problems can be avoided by applying regular maintenance and scheduled cleaning sessions. Both are big factors to take into consideration and can help you make better coffee, believe it or not.

Water and vinegar are the best medicine when it comes battling sediments and the pesky debris. Other tests you should run are if the magnet functions well if the wiring is intact and how long does the brewing process take.

When you learn to take care of your mechanic, espresso-making friend, you will appreciate every sip more and become a true espresso enthusiast!


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