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Nespresso Machine – Your Perfect Style Statement

How espresso became what it is today? Know it here

Before we venture into the amazing world of espresso and the virtues of having a coffee pod at your disposal, we must take a few steps back in order to grasp the importance of coffee and espresso, in particular. Or should we say a few centuries back?

The people in Saudi Arabia in the 16th century thought their regular coffee was too mild and wasn’t all that good at waking them up. So, they decided to devise something stronger. One day, after combining very finely ground coffee beans with pressure coming from steam – the espresso was born.
Its identity lies in the name itself – espresso is Italian for express, fast or rapid. These adjectives are ideal when deciding to describe this iconic drink. Chit-chats and long talks are not the things that go with espresso.

It’s concise, strong and made to be drunk in a few swift motion for a quick burst of caffeine. The bitterness and the creamy goodness make the process of waking up feel more fun than ever.

Amazing benefits of a Nespresso machine


Why dress up in a hurry at 7 AM just to make to the cafe to grab a quick one before your workweek starts? If you choose to buy an espresso machine, things would instantly become much simpler.

You will be able to sleep a lot longer and slowly drag your lifeless morning cadaver to the espresso machine and – voila! Your frown will be turned upside down in an instant.

All those walks to the cafe when you don’t feel like will become pointless when you realise that you can invite friends or family over. Yes, invite them to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and good talks, before washing it off with some high-quality espresso.

Plus, all those late night study sessions will have extra fuel to make them possible.

A financial savior

That coffee you bought while catching up with friends from high school? Sheesh, it’s just a few dollars. How about the one you always grab during lunch break at work? Spare change. Add all those seemingly insignificant expenses to one sum across the whole month. And you might need to be hospitalised because of shortness of breath. That too can be a thing of the past.

An investment in the shape of an automatic espresso machine only requires a power socket, some warm water and any sort of fine-grained coffee that can be purchased anywhere. All this, combined with the notion that it’s convenient and time-saving, makes this purchase a no-brainer.

Slowly but surely, you will begin to realise that hundreds of dollars will stay in your pocket and that new possibilities would suddenly open. That trip to Portugal and a cruise around the Mediterranean don’t seem so far-fetched anymore, do they?

Make your office feel like a home

Having a Nespresso machine in your office opens up a whole new set of possibilities that weren’t visible to the naked eye before. All those stressful mornings will vane as your meet up your coworkers at the coffee desk for a quick chit-chat.

Not only does research indicate that offices with available coffee have a higher degree of employee satisfaction, but having an espresso machine around is a wonderful chance for bonding with people in seemingly ordinary situations.

Plus, wouldn’t it be hilarious to tell the kids about how you and mommy met over an accidental coffee spill during work, right?

Allow your customers to relax

Waiting at a hectic business place is annoying and infuriating. Waiting at a hectic business place in a comfy chair and being offered multiple kids of coffee from the Nespresso machine is a whole different story.

Having one in your premises will make everyone feel more close-knit and aid you in creating tight and long-lasting business relationships. We all know that the first impression matters the most, right?

A pinch of classiness

A slick Italian design with signature curves is basically the trademark of every espresso machine in the world. Feng Shui experts always stress that even little objects can change the whole style and energy of the room.

Think about how much a compact and futuristically looking espresso machine would affect your house, office or just about any other place.

Everyone can do it

Handbooks and manuals are truly magical nowadays, but even without the likes of them, you are more than capable of mastering the functions and secrets of the wonder that is the espresso machine.

All of your coworkers or family members will be completely self-reliant and free to take a sip of the creamy wonder whenever and wherever they want.
A prominent research showed that companies that verbally suggested to customers in the waiting area that they are free to make themselves a cup of coffee by the push of a button, were indeed much more successful than their competitors who did not provide their customers with an espresso machine.

Situations like this create trust and build relationships. Every important stepping stone should be utilised. And what is more important than coffee, right?

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to own a coffee pod

Don’t worry. Nespresso machines of all sizes and powers are widely available everywhere for a bargain price.

Add that missing comforting factor to your home and watch your work and living environments flourish as the smell of coffee and the sight of wide smiles engulfs the room every morning, without an exception.

How can we ever repay the Arabs for bestowing espresso upon us?


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